The world’s oldest clipper ship has welcomed thousands of tourists since moving to its new Australian home.

The Carrick – which is also known as The City of Adelaide – once sat on the docks of Irvine Harbourside before it was transported to Oz back in 2014.

The historic vessel – which is the only surviving purpose-built ship to bring migrants from Europe to Australia - has been undergoing a major revamp since the move and has already welcomed thousands of tourists on board.

This week work was underway in the saloon stern section which housed the Captain’s quarters.

The ship also received new supports for the cargo hold walkway following successful load testing of 155-year-old iron bearer frames.

The ship is being used as a museum and has seen thousands of people come on board since it moved from Irvine to Adelaide.

The vessel was shipped off five years ago on a 100-tonne cradle which was constructed at the Scottish Maritime Museum.

The Carrick stopped off in Greenwich in England where she was moored for several days near her younger ‘sister’ ship, the world famous Cutty Sark, before continuing her journey to Port Adelaide.

Built in Sunderland the City of Adelaide was launched in 1864.

The Carrick sank on the River Clyde in 1991, before being brought to Irvine a year later.