A KILWINNING woman who lost her battle with MS has gifted a longer life to four strangers.

Eileen Wilson died aged 63 on September 16 after 30 years living with MS, leaving her loving husband Hugh, sons David, Alastair and daughter Jennifer. 

Hugh Wilson told the Times a letter from the NHS explaining how signing up as an organ donor helped four others on the waiting list brought them great comfort after the sudden loss. 

He said: “She has had MS for a long time and was in pretty good shape from that point of view, but MS brings effects and one of the things was it’s not so easy to swallow and she stopped breathing. 

“It was a shock, we had been married 45 years, she had MS for about 30 years.

“We got a lot of comfort from the organ donation. Eileen had put her name down but thought with MS her organs wouldn’t be acceptable, but they were okay for donation.”

The NHS letter said a man in his fifties received a kidney transplant after seven years on the waiting list while another in his seventies receive Eileen’s other kidney after four years waiting.

A lady in her fifties received a liver transplant and another in her fifties received the rare gift of a double lung transplant.

Hugh added: “It felt brilliant to see the letter, it’s amazing. I think the letter made it seem much more real and it brings home how it can transform people’s lives. It’s nice to know that people who are on the donor register can make a big difference.

“Although they’ve got the legal right to take the organs, they want to do it with the support of the family and make them aware of what’s involved. They really were very professional and very caring so that made it all a lot easier as well.

“All the staff were amazing, they must be dealing with death everyday but understand what the family are going through.”

Paying tribute on social media, MP Dr Philippa Whitford said: "Eileen, this wonderfully brave woman who fought against MS for years with a smile for everyone, has sadly lost her struggle. 

"Yet in the losing of her own life, she has gifted new life to four others. All of us have this gift within us."