A MAN went on a violent rampage punching holes in walls because a one-year-old baby woke him up.

Kalub McWilliam, 21, punched holes in the walls of his partner’s home using his fist and a brush after her baby woke him up at 10am.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the shocking events unfolded at a property in Cheviot Gardens in Bourtreehill on September 11 this year.

The fiscal told the court: “The accused and complainer had been in a relationship at the time of the offence for three years.

“At 10am on September 11 the accused and complainer were in the locus with a one-year-old child. The accused was unhappy at being awoken by the child and once downstairs he began to shout at the complainer calling her a “bad mother”.

“He then punched a hole in the kitchen wall and made his way to the hall and picked up a brush and using the end of the shaft he punched a hole in the shaft.

“He then went to the living room and threw his phone at the wall causing it to smash and the glass scattered all over the living room floor.”

The terrified mother sent her gran a message asking for help, the court heard.

“The complainer sent a message to her grandmother asking her to call police. The complainer’s grandmother Facetimed the complainer who was frightened and she could hear smashing noises in the background.

“Police attended at the home and found the accused in an agitated state pacing around the room shouting and swearing. He stated to police: “I’m not violent towards people. I take my aggression out by hitting things.”

Sheriff Michael Hanlon said he suspected McWilliam had “underlying issues” and adjourned sentencing.

He said: “He’s got a limited record but his behaviour would suggest some underlying issues. I will adjourn for reports.”

He will return to court next month.