The Named Person scheme is set to continue in North Ayrshire after plans to enforce it in law were scrapped by the Scottish Government.

North Ayrshire’s Health Partnership will still look to pursue the policy – where children would have a named person, such as a teacher or health visitor, act as a point of contact from birth to 18.

However this will now be non-mandatory after Deputy First Minister John Swinney announced the Scottish Government would no longer pursue legislation.

In his report to the Integration Joint Board, health director Stephen Brown said: “The Deputy First Minister’s announcement should have little impact on the functions of the current Named Person Service in North Ayrshire, or the processes that have been developed, or the support given to children and their parents.

“Even though the legislation was never enacted, North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership and Education made the decision to take forward the role of the Named Person and the Named Person service in line with its Getting it Right for Every Child policy.

“North Ayrshire will continue to ensure the Named Person role and Named Person service is being delivered in line with existing laws and guidance on data protection, confidentiality, human rights and other relevant rules of law.

“Whilst we will need to review terminology we continue to be committed to the principles of Getting it Right for Every Child and the delivery of a high quality service supporting children, young people and families.

“We will review the functions, processes and governance of the Named Person Service and the documentation, processes and procedures around the named person. This review of current local processes and the assurance that they remain compliant with all existing legislation will be led through the Children’s Services Strategic Partnership.