Council chiefs plan for hundreds of new graves at an Irvine cemetery as space for new lairs begins to run out. 

North Ayrshire Council wants to extend Knadgerhill Cemetery, which is nearly 100 years-old, with 420 lairs on a 3,290 square metre wasteland site beside the burial ground including space for ashes. 

Work on the expansion would involve the formation of  access roads and landscaping. 

The scheme will cost about £620,000 and the extended area will be on adjacent common good land.

Ten out of the 18 cemeteries, which currently have new lairs available, are due to reach capacity within the next decade.

A council spokesman said: “We regularly monitor the capacity of our cemeteries to ensure ongoing availability of burial space for loved ones. This approach allows us to consider options for any additional capacity at an early stage. 

“We have therefore made a decision to extend Knadgerhill through the provision of an additional 420 lairs. This work will be subject to planning permission being granted, and is scheduled for completion in summer 2020.”

SEPA raised concerns about potential risk to the water environment after the council asked for advice on the site in August.