An Irvine driver “lost the plot” during a road rage incident with a 32-tonne lorry causing a crash at an Irvine roundabout.

Gary Bryden, of Duncan Drive, became enraged after the LGV, which was loaded with rock and salt, pulled out in front of him at Newmoor Roundabout on September 26 last year.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the 53-year-old then followed the lorry in his Vauxhall Astra before overtaking it then slamming his breaks on, eventually causing a crash.

Fiscal depute Vicky McMillan told the court: “This incident took place at 4.45pm and as the witness approached the Newmoor Roundabout. He entered the roundabout observing it was clear, however saw the accused’s vehicle approaching from the right-hand side and raised his hand to apologise for pulling out in to the round about.

“The witness continued driving on the dual carriageway on Long Drive and observed the same Astra following him. The Astra then moved into the outside lane and overtook the witness’s vehicle. He then pulled back into the same lane and broke heavily.

“This resulted in the witness having to perform an emergency break and narrowly avoided colliding with the rear of the Astra. The Astra then accelerated away and approached the next roundabout which is the Greenwood interchange. The witness continued to approach the roundabout and entered the outside lane he has then entered the roundabout when the Astra has then undertook him from the left hand side and driven in front of him causing both vehicles to collide causing extensive damage to the Astra’s driver’s side.

“This was all captured in the witness’s dashcam within the lorry. Police were contacted.”

Defending Bryden, John McCaffrey told the court: “He was driving and the complainer failed to give way to him causing Mr Bryden to break sharply. What he should have done was ignored the matter but there was a moment of madness and he set to do to the complainer what the complainer had done to him. Given it was a 32 tonne lorry it’s clear Mr Bryden had lost the plot here.”

Sheriff Seth Ireland banned Bryden from the roads for 12 months and fined him £480.