THE mother of a schoolgirl left fighting for her life after being hit by a car has called for traffic calming measures on the road where she was hit.

Caroline Gillespie says she hopes for another crossing will be put in the spot where her nine-year-old daughter Tiffany Crawford was hit by a car.

Tiffany was left with devastating injuries after being hit by a car on Dalry Road as she walked home from school on October 30.

The Abbey Primary pupil was left with a broken pelvis, broken ribs and her lungs, kidney and liver all ruptured following the horror accident.

Caroline says Tiffany was hit after stepping on to the road outside of Kilwinning Academy - just 30 yards away from the pedestrian crossing at Old Woodwynd Road. The schoolgirl had been trying to get to McGavin park to play with her pals.

Caroline said another crossing might prevent another terrible accident. She said: “I think another one a bit further down towards where the schools are would mean kids are safer. The kids always want to play in that park but kids being kids aren’t going to walk up to the top crossing where it’s safer. I would just hate if this happened again.”

Caroline’s views were echoed by councillors at the latest North Ayrshire Council meeting which heard that the current pedestrian railings could be extended.

Parents and residents have also complained that the pavements are too narrow for the volume of people who use them when the school bells go and they are calling for a lollipop person to patrol the road.

Councillor Scott Davidson said he would like to see the 20mph limit extended after people raised concerns with him.

He said: “Sadly a young girl from the primary school was injured. I’m sure all present in council today will join in wishing her a speedy recovery and wish her family the very best in what must be a very difficult time for them.

“The main pavements have narrow paths, which the pupils and parents use at the busiest possible times. Additionally there are large spaces in between the pedestrian railings, which could possibly be extended or filled in between.”

Councillor Davidson also told councillors another child had a close call after falling on to the narrow pavement and nearly in the way of an oncoming car.

Councillor Jim Montgomerie described the collision as a very “distressing incident.”

He said: “I know that the thoughts of everyone in this chamber have been with the young girl involved and her family.

He pointed out the A737 is a trunk road and responsibility lies with Transport Scotland, but added: “We will await the findings of the investigation and then work with Police Scotland and Transport Scotland to review any measures which can be undertaken to improve road safety at this location.”