A KILWINNING man has hit out at council chiefs over ongoing issues of damp and mould blighting his daughter and grandson’s home.

David Greenwood’s 21-year-old daughter moved into a house in Claremont Crescent with her one-year-old son back in February.

He says, despite numerous complaints and evidence of dampness, the council aren’t taking the issue seriously even though council workers found high readings for dampness.

However, North Ayrshire Council say they consider the house safe for the time being and insist they will carry out further repairs next month.

Mr Greenwood said: “This has been going on since February. They got her moved in and within a couple of weeks there was puddles of water appearing on the floor. We got the council out and the council wouldn’t believe us as it would disappear two hours later.

“Eventually they sent out a joiner to look under the floorboards and it was bone dry there, this went on for months and I ended up getting Councillor Cullinane involved.

“They ended up moving my daughter out into a high flat for two months and everything was meant to be getting fixed up. When we moved her back in we found a green powder lying on the skirting boards.

“There is also something not right with the wall, and the puddles of water started appearing again, but when you phone the council out it will be at least a week.

“We had a meeting in Cunninghame House then went for a site visit. I said to the councillor if he could come as well and he said yes. They brought an inspector and he was checking the walls and he put the meter on and got a high reading for dampness – and the two guys were so concerned with the reading in front of the councillor.

“This shouldn’t be happening – all that money was spent on this place. We were then putting the cot back into position that’s when we found the mold on my grandsons cot – he’s not even two year old yet and there’s this green powder lying everywhere.

“There’s still green mold in my daughter’s house, there’s still the wall they can’t get the plaster to stick to and now there’s puddles of water appearing again – meanwhile my daughter and grandson are in the house breathing in green mould and that’s not good for them.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We have carried out works at this property over a number of months and it has undergone numerous inspections. We have some minor repairs to carry out and these will be completed next month. In the meantime, we feel the house is in good condition and does not pose any health risks.

“We must stress that we always strive to provide the best possible living conditions for our tenants. If conditions fall below these standards we make the necessary improvements at the earliest opportunity.”