KILWINNING’s wee warrior has undergone an operation with hopes it will help him walk again.

Kieran Crighton was left in a wheelchair after being diagnosed with five brain tumours in 2017.

The inspirational 14-year-old has fought for his life after surgery for the Medulloblastoma left him unable to walk, speak or swallow.

Last week the Kilwinning Academy pupil underwent major surgery on his leg which has been left at a 40 degree angle following his cancer battle.

Mum Senga, 50, said: “Doctors are hoping that the surgery will help him get on his feet again. I don’t think it will be as straight forward as one surgery, but it might be something they need to do bit by bit.”

Senga says Kieran’s operation went well and the family are hopeful.

She said: “They are not making us any promises, because they just can’t. there’s no way of knowing of the surgery will definitely make Kieran walk again but it is worth trying.”

Despite his challenges, the amazing teenager has amazed medics with his spirit and determination.

Following nine months of gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy Kieran and mum Senga were given the best news they could hope for - that the tumours had gone.

Kieran’s most recent MRI scan was clear and the cancer had not returned.

Senga said: “It was such a relief. Kieran was a happy boy getting the clear MRI scan. He is just amazing after all he has been through. He really is a wee warrior.”

Kieran will now undergo physiotherapy sessions which will determine how successful the surgery has been on his leg.