A WOMAN who claims council chiefs moved her into a mouldy bug-infested flat says she feels treated like a ‘stray dog’.

Elaine Hart, 42, who says she suffers from Lymphedema, was moved into the high flats this month, but claims she was only supposed to be there for one night.

Elaine complained that mould in the flat had her constantly coughing and struggled to sleep in the bedroom due to bugs.

However North Ayrshire Council claim there are no issues with damp or insects in the property, and added that 97 per cent of residents were happy with their housing.

But Elaine said: “I moved in last Wednesday and it was to be one night only. My health was fine and my legs were doing great, and I moved in there and my legs have swelled up, and my chest, I’m constantly coughing, there’s no heat in the place, I’m spending a tenner a day to heat it.

“I feel like a stray dog, that’s what I feel like. I’ve health problems. I can’t use the cooker because there’s bugs crawling out it. I’ve got Lymphedema, with both my knees, if I’m sitting upright for too long it makes them swollen. I’m sitting upright when I go to sleep because I can’t use the bedroom because of the bugs.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We have four units of temporary accommodation within the Irvine high-rise flats which have been utilised for a number of years as temporary accommodation for people who are homeless. The use of these properties as temporary accommodation is being phased out as part of the demolition plan.

“The standard of North Ayrshire Council temporary accommodation is very high, with approximately 97 per cent rates of satisfaction being expressed by our residents.

“We have spoken with the officer who was present when the temporary flat at Afton Court was let and can confirm that there was no dampness or mould, the heating system was fully operational and there was no infestation of insects.”