THE FIRST Minister reminisced on national television about her youth spent at the Magnum Ice Disco today.

Nicola Sturgeon spoke fondly to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about her childhood days out at Frosties Ice Disco in the eighties saying the ice rink was the scene of “some of the naughtiest things I’ve ever done”.

The First Minister was appearing on the show as part of a pre-election appearance ahead of Thursday’s vote.

Speaking of her ice skating abilities, the SNP leader said: “I used to do ice skating when I was younger at Frosties Ice Disco at the Magnum leisure Centre in Irvine which is where some of the naughtiest things I’ve ever done actually happened.

Teasing her presenter Piers Morgan said: “I tell you what I’m sending a team down to Frosties Ice Disco to speak to the people of that area who know where your bodies are buried.”

Co-host Susanna Reid chimed in reminding Piers that the Magnum had been knocked down, saying “It’s been demolished.”

Ms Sturgeon added: “It’s doesn’t exist anymore Piers, it’s gone,” to which Susanna joked “They had to demolish it to get rid of any evidence,” which made the First Minister laugh, replying: “Probably yes.”