Arran View Brewery in Dreghorn is beginning the pilot production of a new range of “Arran Sour Beers”.

Sour beer is made intentionally acidic or tart. The best known types of are Belgian lambic, Gueuze and Flanders red ale.

Jose Bravo, head brewer at the site in Dreghorn, said: “Sour beers are trending right now and have a wide appeal especially with the craft beer connoisseurs.

“I will be doing a full range of beers in all the sour style formats in the coming year. These will be hand crafted, speciality beers coming in cask, keg and 750ml sharing bottles and 330ml bottles.”

The Dreghorn-made sours, being dubbed the Arran Wild Range, join a host of acidic offerings from several Scottish breweries now on offer in stores.

Gerald Michaluk, managing director, said: “It is a busy time for the Arran brewery with the start of a cider and sour beer range in 2020 and we have a lot more new product developments in the pipeline for next year.

“I am particularly happy that the Ayrshire College is supporting the sector and proud to have assisted the college team to develop a brewing offering that will help the whole industry and fill a real gap in provision”.

The Arran Brewery has also been instrumental in assisting Ayrshire College’s Dr Marko Prorocic develop a brewing apprenticeship and courses at its Kilwinning Campus.

Jose said: “I started my career as a brewer with Arran, including attending the Siebel brewing school in Chicago, before moving away to brew in Glasgow, and now I have returned to the brewery to head up this new venture in Sour Beers.”