AN IRVINE woman is allergic to being cold and could die if she touches anything below body temperature.

Jacqueline Thompson suffers from Cold Urticaria which has left her constantly worried about the weather, what she can touch, and if her skin is well enough protected.

The NHS Ayrshire & Arran Audiology Clerical Officer is now desperate to raise awareness of her rare condition to help others identify it.

Jacqueline was diagnosed with the condition in late 2018 after experiencing some of the symptoms, such as skin hives in cold weather and when drinking cold liquids.

Jacqueline said of her condition, “Currently I take three antihistamines a day and carry two epipens in case I go into anaphylaxis.

“I carry a note from my GP with specific medical care instructions, and wear a medical alert bracelet.

“Contact with anything below body temperature can be life threatening.

“If I need an injection or an IV they must be administered warm.

“I have to check the weather and temperature every day before I leave the house, to make sure my skin is protected from the cold. It is a very difficult condition to live.

“I am trying to raise awareness so others know the symptoms to look out for. I also want to ensure others with the condition know there is support out there.”

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