A HEARTBROKEN mum just wants a headstone for her daughter’s grave this Christmas.

Natalie O’Donnell from Irvine ‘drank herself to death’ after being sexually abused by her step-dad.

We told you how the 21-year-old died from Hepatorenal Syndrome caused by her cirrhosis five weeks ago after becoming addicted to alcohol, which her mum Gaynor Watson says she used to block out her abuse.

Now 44-year-old Gaynor faces her first Christmas without her daughter and is desperately trying to erect ‘the gravestone Natalie deserves’.

It comes after her ex boyfriend tormented her child in secret behind her back for years.

Alastair Niven Goldie, 49, admitted engaging in sexual intercourse while in a position of trust towards the girl, while living in her house when he was Gaynor’s boyfriend.

Despite the sickening confession he got no jail time and was given counselling for his behaviour.

Goldie was placed on the Sex Offenders Register for three years in 2017 and given a Community Payback Order with supervision including 300 hours of unpaid work.

But furious mum Gaynor is blasting the system after claiming her daughter was given no help, while her attacker was given alcohol counselling and education workshops on relationships.

Gaynor has been left struggling to pay for her daughters headstone and is desperately trying to get justice for her child.

The grieving mum said: “We struggled to pay for the funeral, so the headstone is another thing.

“She is buried with her great gran and papa they have a stone but there is no room for her name so need new stone all engraved again, but she deserves it.

“Alastair was my partner at the time and groomed Natalie for years.

“I feel like he used me, I was vulnerable at the time and he hemmed in like a shark.

“My defences were down and he took advantage of that, he is an evil man.

“Along with the abuse that was happening with her she developed an alcohol problem and basically started drinking to blur it all out, all the abuse.

“She had cirrhosis in her liver and kidney failure in the end, it’s so terrible and it’s him that’s done this to her, he’s caused this.

“Now he is walking about free as a bird, while my daughter is lying dead cold in the ground at 21-years old because of his abuse.”

Donate online if you want to help Gaynor pay for the headstone at www.gofundme.com/f/to-help-with-a-gravestone-for-my-daughter.