An anti-Catholic slur has been spray-painted across a wall in Irvine.

The derogatory statement was graffitied on the Redburn Community Centre.

A photograph showing the vandalism was posted to social media on Sunday, December 29.

Marcus White, who posted the image to Twitter condemning it, said: "Religious sectarianism is a stain on our society and we should all try to call it out without fear or favor."

The graffiti reads: "Taigs not welcome."

The first word is an offensive term used in reference to Catholics in Northern Ireland.

Mr White believes the vandalism took place on Saturday night.

Nil by Mouth Director Dave Scott said: "What a pathetic and cowardly display of bigotry this is.

"I hope whoever is behind this embarrassing display of ignorance is identified and made to face up to their actions.

"I am sure the council will have this awful blight removed by the end of the today.

"Nil by Mouth will be running a week of action in North Ayrshire at the end of January and we will ensure schools in Irvine are included in our programme."

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “It is always disappointing to receive vandalism reports of this nature.

“We would urge anyone who has information on those responsible for the graffiti to contact police."

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: "This has not been reported to Police, and as such there is no enquiry at present.

"We would encourage the public to report such matters to us, so we can investigate the crime and work with the relevant partners to have the vandalism removed as soon as possible."