Irvine’s former Red Cross House building will finally be back in use in the New Year after a multi-million pound revamp.

The £6.6million plans to bring the centre, since renamed Trindlemoss Court, back to life look set to come to fruition in Spring, with work on the centre complete.

And North Ayrshire Council unveiled images of the revamped centre last week.

Council Leader Joe Cullinane said: “When Red Cross House was closing it was a devastating blow.

“Along with other Labour members, I campaigned against its closure and I am delighted the facility is now in public ownership and will provide excellent support for people with learning disabilities whilst the adjoining Warrix Avenue will be a state of the art unit for people recovering from mental health.”

The new name Trindlemoss Court was chosen by service-users in reference to a long gone loch.

A North Ayrshire Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “The name ‘Trindlemoss’ was chosen by people with learning disabilities who will use the extensive facilities, including sensory garden and hydrotherapy pool.

“A focus group of people who use existing facilities found that Trindlemoss was the name of the loch that drained into a well, located near the site, which was said to have health giving properties.

“The freshness of the name and the idea of it being the original water source, appealed greatly to the group, in the context of the new facility representing a fresh new start.”

There will also be 20 houses providing supported accommodation for people with complex learning disabilities. Another nine properties would offer community based mental heath rehabilitation.

Red Cross House announced closure plans in December 2015 which left its residents homeless and 77 members of staff redundant.

NAC and NHS Ayrshire and Arran stepped in to take over the building.