Two women were fined for fighting after police were called out to a disturbance in Dreghorn last Sunday.

Police were called out to an incident involving a number of people to the rear of the Crown Inn after Rangers beat Celtic 2-1 during Sunday's Old Firm game.

Officers searched the area and conducted enquiries but say no one involved made themselves known to police and no crime was established.

Police then observed two women having a fight at around 8.50pm in the area before issuing on the spot fines.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "At about 8.21pm on Sunday, December 29 police were contacted with reports of a disturbance involving a number at the rear of the Crown Inn, Dreghorn.

Irvine Times:

"Units attended and an area search was undertaken however no disturbance was observed and no persons made themselves known to police.

"At 8.50pm units undertaking the area searched observed two females to be engaged in a stand-up fight, this was dealt with through issuing fixed penalty notices."