HUNDREDS of brave dippers plunged their way in to 2020 with a swim in the icy sea.

Irvine Beach hosted the 2020 Polar Plunge which saw more than 250 people run in to the Firth of the Clyde on New Year’s Day.

Organisers Coastwatch say almost 200 people registered to take the plunge whilst scores more took part at the last minute - making this year’s event the biggest ever.

Anne Dunlop from Coastwatch said: “I think the final total for plungers was 180, plus spectators, the brass band, ministers, provost, Coastwatch volunteers, the Coastguard, the Police and the beach cleaners.

“Thanks to all the volunteers for giving so much of their time, and probably their New Year’s Eve celebrations too. Not one single person could be singled out as the person who organised this, amazing team effort.”

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