AN IRVINE woman who is fatally allergic to being cold has revealed how ‘frustrating’ her life can be as it feels like ‘people don’t believe her’ .

Jacqueline Thompson suffers from Cold Urticaria which has left her constantly worried about the weather, what she can touch, and if her skin is well enough protected.

The allergy has left her with blood clots in her lungs, itchy red skin, and the fear that she could go into anaphylactic shock if her temperature drops.

She also has to battle people who doubt her condition and don’t believe her and now wants people to take it as seriously as a peanut intolerance.

Jacqueline admitted she was struck down by the rare aversion after becoming extremely stressed in 2015 which triggered the allergy.

The NHS Ayrshire & Arran Audiology Clerical Officer is now desperate to raise awareness of her rare condition to help others identify it.

She has to take medication every day to keep it under control and must always be prepared for a sudden change in climate.

She said: “I want to raise awareness for people that might have it and not realise because it can be dangerous.

“I’ve had clots in my lung already not realising how to protect myself.

“I can go into anaphylactic shock which is the same as anyone who has peanut allergy, I have to carry epipens and steroids with me as anything could trigger it.

“It is life limiting I really need to watch what I’m doing.

“I was going into town and I had to have an extra pair of trousers in a bag and a huge brolly just in case I got cold.

“It is always on your mind.

“I’ve had it since 2015 some people are born with it, I wasn’t, I developed it from stress.

“I first noticed it in the supermarket standing in the freezer aisle, my fingers started to tingle and then if I was out hanging out the washing I would suddenly get red and itchy.

“It is annoying and stressful as I need to be aware of my environments all the time.

“I had to get onto my energy provider as well because if we get a power that could be bad for me.

“I’m waiting for the decision on if I can get a blue badge or not.

“If I am out in the cold air for too long it can go into my chest and that can give me blood clots.

“One of the biggest problems is people not knowing or understanding my illness, or not thinking it is real.

“It is so frustrating that it feels like sometimes no one understands or believes me.

“I can’t even take IV fluids cold they have to be warmed up or I could go into shock.”