Figures show that people in North Ayrshire drink less than anywhere else in Scotland.

The report conducted by Babylon, who surveyed 38,806 people from their Healthcheck app, revealed that people in North Ayrshire only drink 3.4 units per week along with areas such as Midlothian and Moray.

This is compared to those in Stirling and East Lothian who consume 6.2 and 6.5 units per week respectively.

East Dunbartonshire was ranked the highest in terms of units consumed per week, with a figure of 8.2 but interestingly is also the area where people drink the least regularly.

North Ayrshire was among the areas where people drink the least regularly, recording on average 1.7 drinking sessions per week.

Figures in 2017 showed that North Ayrshire was statistically significantly worse than the Scottish average where alcohol related hospital stays were concerned.

Middle-aged men were the most likely to experience alcohol-related hospitalisation.

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