A PETITION as been launched over plans to reduce staff at Kilwinning station.

This in response to plans to reduce the station staffed by a clerk and railwayman during certain times of the day.

However Scotrail say the new staffing proposals have been agreed by the unions and that two staff will remain at key times of the day.

Jake Neill, who launched the petition on Change.org, said: “Kilwinning railway station is currently staffed most of the day by two staff members, one clerk and one railwayman, and now ScotRail is wanting to make the station single manned which for a station like Kilwinning which for its layout and four platforms isn’t workable.

“Without two members, disabled people, elderly and vulnerable people would also be affected if the new proposals kick in.

“I’m autistic and setting this up. It’s incase people like me also need that extra help when travelling by train. I’ve contacted Alex Hynes MD of ScotRail hoping that he will reverse the decision taken by station management and rostering and that we can keep our station doubled manned and not have any issues for passengers.

A ScotRail spokesperson said: “The way customers travel is changing, so we need to adapt in order to best support them.

“Two members of staff will remain on duty at key times throughout the day to support customers who need a little extra help when travelling.”