A DISABLED man was left ‘shell shocked’ after a stranger made a massive donation to replace his stolen wheelchair.

Daymien Sim from Irvine, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was gutted after someone nicked his chair in Stevenston on Monday, December 16.

But now the 23-year-old is beaming after a kind mystery samaritan donated a huge £1,270 so he could buy a new one.

It comes after he was left ‘anxious’ and relying on his crutches which don’t offer him the same ‘stability’ and ‘mobility’ he is used to.

He has now ordered a new electric chair which he plans on picking up later this month.

Daymien had left his wheelchair outside a friends house before Christmas and was gutted to see it had vanished while he was inside.

He was crushed at losing not just the chair but his independence too, until a selfless staff at Mobility Matters have stepped in giving him a loan of a wheelchair till he can save up for one of his own.

But he was worried about how he would get one of his own as the electric chairs rake up quite the bill.

His last one cost around £1,195 which he can’t afford to fork out right during the festive season.

Now he is excited for the future again and has ‘his freedom back’ as he can get the bus himself.

Daymien told the Herald: “I was shell shocked when I saw the donation.

“I got a message from a family member and the GoFund page that we raised the full amount after a generous man has donated £1,270.

“I spoke to him last week and said would rather not get involved with press as sort of likes to keep his life private.”

A 24-year-old has now been arrested in connection with the theft of the missing wheelchair.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “We can confirm that we have received a report regarding the theft of an electric wheelchair from outside a house in Hyslop Road, Stevenston on Monday, December 16, and our enquiries are continuing.

“I can confirm that a 24-year-old man has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for the theft of the wheelchair.

“Anyone with information should contact Irvine Police Station through 101 quoting reference number 3049 of 16th December.”