A WOMAN who tried to throttle a Subway worker with a dog lead has been slapped with an ASBO.

Tracy Glass swung the leash around the neck of sandwich maker Paul McCartney and tried to tighten it after he banned her from entering the takeaway shop with her dog.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard how 50-year-old Glass had been repeatedly told she was not allowed in the Bridgegate Subway shop with her pet on previous occasions.

Despite the numerous warnings Glass returned to the sandwich counter on August 18, 2018, with her pet pooch and was, again, told to leave.

Subway worker, Paul McCartney came around from the counter to ask Glass to leave again.

The court heard she flew into a rage when Mr McCartney tried to help free the dog lead which had become trapped under a chair.

The depute fiscal told the court: “On August 18 the complainer was in the course of his employment in Subway at around 2.30pm [when Glass entered].

“The accused had been asked to leave on several occasions [previously] because the policy is dogs are not permitted in Subway.

“So Mr McCartney approached her to tell her to leave with her dog for the third time. As the accused was leaving the dog lead tangled under one of the chairs near the exit.

“Mr McCartney tried to assist and the accused did not take kindly to this. She walked towards him, threw the dog lead around his head and tried to tighten it around his neck. The complainer broke free and another member of the team stepped into calm things down.

“The complainer did not sustain any injuries. It was an extendable dog lead.”

Defending Glass, Alex Muir said his client was struggling with drug addiction and regretted her actions.

He said: “Difficulties arose in 2018 when Miss Glass was forced to move out of her home for a period of time. I think she found that quite difficult. She found herself involved in drug use and that persisted for a while and these offences reflect that.

“The difficulty in Subway was to do with the dog. An argument had arisen about it and she deeply regrets being involved in that. It must have been upsetting for the member of staff involved at the time.

“Her position is that she does not expect to be back in court for anything like this again.

Sheriff Jamieson told Glass, of Scott Road, she had shown she regretted her actions but banned her from Subway for a year.

He said: “You have expressed remorse from the outset and on that basis I’m going to make two orders.

“An Anti Social Behaviour Order prohibiting you from entering Subway in Bridgegate for 12 months and you will pay £100 compensation to the employee.”