Waste dumped by ‘lazy, ignorant idiots’ leaves ‘blight on our beautiful landscape’, says a North Ayrshire photographer.

Deborah Fuchs, from Saltcoats, came across flytipping between Lochwood Farm and Kilwinning on New Year’s Day.

She spotted the detritus on the tree lined s-bend between Meadow Park Road and Auld Clay Road.

She said: “I have seen some mess just dumped on this stretch and it’s so sad. Lazy ignorant idiots. I hope the council come pick it up.”

She reported it to the council but it had not been cleared up a week later.

Deborah said she feels “disappointed and frustrated”.

She told the Herald: “Why are the council offering services for residents and members of the public to report these fly-tipping incidents and then do nothing about it?

“In today’s environment surely it’s important for every member of not just the community but society to ensure that such finds are reported and the appropriate action is taken to help keep our country side as beautiful as possible.

“If I had the resources myself I would have cleaned it up.

“I do a lot of landscape photography and it’s very sad to see that someone has premeditated this.

“A blight on our beautiful landscape and our amazing wildlife that we have up on that stretch.

“I guess the most frustrating part is the council not taking action.”

More rubbish was also seen at Ardchoille Lane in Stevenston, including eight shopping trolleys.

The grassy area has become a dumping ground with residents calling it “disgraceful”.

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said that both sites have since been cleaned up but that the plot of land adjacent to Ardchoille Lane is privately owned and is therefore the responsibility of the land owner.