Police are reminding residents to lock up their homes after repeated complaints to the force of thieves trying people’s doors.

Irvine and Kilwinning community councillors were advised police are trying to get the message across that the only effective security measure against thieves trying to enter residents’ front or back doors is to actually lock them and that its not realistically safe to leave them unlocked

This comes after repeated reports on social media of incidents in Vineburgh, Fullarton, Bourtreehill and Broomlands and Kilwinning areas of potential intruders chancing their luck by trying residents’ doors during the darker hours.

Speaking at Irvine Community Council, Locality Policing Sgt Douglas Clark said: “Guys have been checking doors for 24 years, the key thing for that is if your door is locked they’ll go to the next one.

“The prevention on that is very simple, if your door is open, yeah they will come in, but if you’re in any doubt, lock the door. Even if your in the house, lock the door.

Kilwinning Locality Policing Sgt Allen Dodds: “There were two sneak in thefts in the area in the last month. One of them was a gentleman who was up the stairs and heard a bang, the door opening and closing, and he thought it was his son.

“Later on he noticed property had been missing from his house.”

“Another was an abandoned property but again the door was unlocked and someone has basically snuck in and tried to remove copper piping and other items.

“We are looking to put an appeal out for people to think about locking their doors even when they are in their house. We have only had two so it is not a major crime but it is something to be vigilant of.”