North Ayrshire’s Streetscene enforcement team will show no mercy on mess as they crackdown on litter louts in Castlepark.

Fly-tippers and people leaving a mess in Castlepark are being targeted by North Ayrshire Council’s Enforcement team in a major four-week campaign which kicked off on Tuesday, January 14.

This will see the team patrolling the area and issuing fines to offenders – at £200 for fly-tipping and £80 for littering and dog fouling – with no warnings given over this period

The action comes as a direct result of consultation with Castlepark residents – who were becoming increasingly angry and frustrated with the lack of respect shown to their community.

On the first day of the campaign, six incidents of fly-tipping were investigated with three people receiving a fixed penalty notice. Two dog owners were issued a fixed penalty notice for allowing their dog to foul without cleaning up.

Councillor Jim Montgomerie, Cabinet Member of Place, said: “We are prepared to take appropriate and firm action when we feel it is required. The action in Castlepark comes as a direct result from meetings with residents. They have had enough of people showing a complete disregard for their community. We can whole-heartedly understand their frustrations.

“Our Environmental Enforcement team have been a huge asset to the Council since being set up over three years ago.

“The team will be patrolling the area over the next four weeks. We would ask residents to have a chat with officers on patrol about any issues that raise concerns within their area.”

If you see any evidence of environmental crime across North Ayrshire, please contact North Ayrshire Council on 01292 310000.