Police plan to crackdown on drivers going through Irvine High Street once the road reopens this year.

Irvine’s High Street’s north section was closed in the New Year for the final leg of Public Realm paving work – which will reopen again by the end of March.

An Irvine police told the town’s community councillors this month that officers plan to take robust action on motorists driving through the High Street – which is only reserved for buses and permit holders.

Speaking at Irvine Community Council, Locality Policing Sgt Douglas Clark said: “The one area we are well aware there is always a problem is the High Street.

“During the works in Bank Street we did take a relaxed stance on it because of the access problems – if folk are coming up the cross and finding they can’t turn into Bank Street we were letting them go up the High Street even though you are not supposed to, but we did it because otherwise there would be traffic chaos.

“They have now shut that part of the High Street so that is not going to be a problem for a wee while but once that is finished we will be taking an active stance on it.

“The two town centre officers we have got are tasked with every time they come into the town the first thing they do is stop at the Seagate end and robustly enforce it. Action will be taken against them and at the other side as well.

“Going up the way is harder to police just because of the way the access is and it’s all about access and permits. It’s quite muddy it’s not and never really been well laid out.

“You can go up the High Street if you have a legitimate reason for going up the High Street or if you’re a permit holder.

“Coming down the way there is only one no entry sign so we will get onto traffic management about that and try to make that far more obvious.”