Irvine’s MSP has hit out at the Prime Minister after he refused to grant a second independence referendum.

Cunninghame South’s SNP MSP Ruth Maguire blasted Boris Johnson’s ‘undemocratic’ decision to snub a second independence vote after the PM wrote to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon last week to refuse her official request.

Irvine Conservatives hit back saying talk of another referendum was ‘disruptive’ and accused the MSP of only being interested in independence.

SNP MSP Ruth Maguire said: “Whilst unsurprising, this response from the Tory PM is disappointing, and frankly, undemocratic. As we now face leaving the EU despite a majority voting overwhelmingly to remain, it’s clear that the UK many voted to remain part of in 2014 simply does not exist.

“The SNP have won every election held since the 2014 referendum on a clear manifesto promise to hold a further referendum should a material change in circumstance take place.

“No union can be maintained without consent and the UK government blocking Scotland’s right to choose demonstrates that the UK is not a partnership of equals.

“Scottish voters, including the many young voters who did not have a say in 2014 will recognise that democracy doesn’t stand still and, regardless of whether they support independence for Scotland or not, insist that democracy prevails. Scotland must have the right to choose.”

Conservative Irvine West Cllr Scott Gallacher said: “Even by Ruth Maguire's abnormally low standards, this level of grievance is pathetic. Never ending talk of a second referendum is a constant source of disruption in this country, and perhaps as part of the governing party in the Scottish Parliament, she could get back to the day job in hand.

"Perhaps she could tell us of the £100million that her party has stripped out of North Ayrshire Council over the past ten years? Tell us why there is now an official enquiry into the state of the education system in Scotland? The ongoing debacle with the Ardrossan to Arran ferry? People dying of infections caught from pigeon droppings at a brand new £900 million flagship hospital? Perhaps she could explain why waiting times for hospital admission are continually missed?

“Every issue bar none, pales into insignificance behind pie in the sky dreams of breaking up the United Kingdom.”