THE family of a five-year-old boy have told how their lives have been shattered after he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia - despite showing no signs of illness.

Ace Ward was running around scoring goals at his football training with Irvine Meadow on Wednesday night like any other schoolboy.

But by Thursday (January 23) the Tarryholme family’s whole world had come crashing down when doctors told his devastated mum Vicky that her youngest child had B-Cell Acute Lymphobastic Leukaemia.

Ace, who is primary one at St Mark’s in Irvine had shown no real signs of illness right up until his diagnosis.

Mum Vicky, 33, and dad Brian, 37,who are also parents to Harrison, nine and Hallie, seven, just noticed the youngster was pale and seemed more tired than usual so took him to the family GP on Thursday morning.

The GP was concerned about his colour so sent him to Crosshouse for blood tests and by Thursday afternoon doctors sat Vicky down and told her they suspected Ace had leukaemia.

She said: “At the hospital he was brilliant, laughing and joking, and by lunch time he had ate half the shop, and was bored out his mind.

“Brian phoned and asked if we needed him there, I said no we’ll be home for dinner he’s losing his mind with boredom. A wee while after 2pm I went away and sat with his nurse and doctor, and they said his levels were so low and had I ever heard of leukaemia.

“ I just looked through him and was sure I heard him but I was confused. I just remember being sick and shaking, I instantly regretted the decision to receive that news alone.

“Brian arrived and I told him and within half an hour Ace was blue lighted up to Glasgow and I sat down with the haematology consultant and they told me he would be booked in for surgery the next morning.”

Since Friday Ace has already undergone three surgeries, three blood transfusions, three platelet transfusions, two bonemarrow biopsies, a lumber puncture, chemotherapy in his spine and a central line fitted.

Vicky is now warning parents to be on their guard and trust theior instincts when it comes to their kids.

She said: “One minute I was stood in my football clothes ready for training and the next I was sitting being told my son had cancer.

“We’re still trying to wake up from this nightmare but if it makes just one other parent think their kids a little pale don’t hesitate to get them checked. I will forever be grateful to all the doctors and nurses who have given our baby a chance.”

The family have already had a lot of support and friends have set up a Crowdfunding page to help them. To donate visit