Community representatives hope to completely close off Kilwinning Main Street to traffic during the day.

Kilwinning Community Councillors voted this month to write to the town’s Locality Partnership to take action on cars illegally using the Main Street.

This was after further complaints during their January meeting, with Police Sergeant Allen Dodds saying if no cars were allowed at all that would solve the problem.

Community Councillor Andy Robb said: “The Main Street is never going to change, the police are too busy so unless there are traffic wardens it’s not going to change.”

Community Councillor Jackie Hamilton said that previous discussion around closing off the Main Street at the Locality Partnership turned into a ‘farce’.

She said: “We had the traffic and parking sub group that became a talking shop of a load of nonsense, and nothing but surveys and meetings about the surveys, then we’ll look at this bit of the survey and go walk about again.

“It just became an absolute farce – then in Saltcoats they just did it like that. I’ve now gave up and just watch them drive up it. It is either pedestrianised or it’s not and if people don’t want it pedestrianised then open it and stop all this carry on. One way or the other, because at the moment it is dangerous.”

Chair Colin Hedley added that shops couldsee an increase in trade with more people walking up the town

Secretary Jim Watson proposed they write to Kilwinning Locality Partnership requesting that Main Street be closed to traffic in weekdays during the day – which was passed after a vote.

He added: “I have been on this community council for 13 years and I am sick of hearing about the Main Street.”