THE FAMILY of a schoolboy diagnosed with leukaemia have been dealt another devastating blow after doctors revealed the cancer is more aggressive than they first thoughts

Five-year-old Ace Ward was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphobastic Leukaemia on Thursday, January 23.

At the time doctors told his parents Brian and Vicky Ward that their youngest child would need surgery and a ‘low dose’ of chemotherapy.

However the Tarryholme family were crushed last Friday when medics revealed Ace carries a gene which makes his cancer more rare an aggressive.

On top of the new diagnosis doctors also discovered that Ace will develop Neutropenia – where he will have a low white blood cell count - meaning a common cold could be fatal for him.

Mum Vicky, 33, who is also mum to Harrison, nine and Hallie, seven, said: “Tests show he carries the genetic gene, which is again very very rare, and aggressive, so he’s now deemed as high risk and will change from regime A low dose chemo to the top one at C.

“Acey will be neutropenic so in order to get the leukaemia cells out they will need to eradicate all the cells in his body so he will have no immune system whatsoever and a cold to us is fatal to his wee body, so we can’t risk anything.

The family revealed last week that their world was crushed when the St Mark’s Pupil was diagnosed.

Just the night before Ace had been running around scoring goals at his football training with Irvine Meadow.

Since then Ace has already undergone three surgeries, three blood transfusions, three platelet transfusions, two bone marrow biopsies, a lumber puncture, chemotherapy in his spine and a central line fitted.

But Vicky says Ace is receiving amazing care in hospital both she and Brian have incredible support from family and friends.

She said: “We won’t know what’s going on until day 29 so we just need to wait and see. Just trying not to overthink, take a step back and let the experts do their thing. They’re amazing here. I know if there is something they can do, they will.”

Vicky says her wee superhero is getting her through. She said: “On a positive note its not in his spinal fluid, his counts are still low and this is Acey, he will remain positive with a big beautiful smile, if he can I can. It’s a simple as that.”