AN ELDERLY disabled couple are claiming their thug neighbour attacked them in their home.

The 69-year-old woman has been left petrified to even answer the door after the yob burst in and assaulted her.

When her 77-year-old husband, who has severe arthritis and prostate cancer, came into the hall to see what was going on the brute then launched an attack on him as well.

The pensioners are now traumatised by the brutal attack which has left them terrified to leave their house in Irvine.

Wishing to remain anonymous until after their attackers sentencing, the couple are hoping to move out of ‘the house they loved’ as soon as possible as it is now flooded with bad memories.

The 77-year-old said: “I heard a commotion after my wife answered the door and went out.

“He attacked my wife and me and after he left we locked the door and heard him try to come back.

“He had punched and kicked us and even pushed me through the wall.

“We were both dazed and totally uneased by the whole thing, we are scared and live in fear now.”