North Ayrshire Cats Protection have reached a milestone after rehoming their 5,000th cat since they launched in 1999.

Little Honey was rescued by two of the group’s volunteers when they were alerted by binmen whilst they were on another call out.

A spokesperson said: “It was heart-breaking when they found her huddled in a puddle, so lethargic she couldn’t even attempt to run when lifted. The vet confirmed cat flu and she required several courses of treatment and had to be kept in isolation. Her fosterer bonded with her so much during this time that she decided to adopt her.”

The North Ayrshire branch of Cats Protection started in 1999 and since then they have worked tirelessly to help as many local cats and kittens as possible.

All the group’s members are volunteers, most of which also have full time jobs, and some of the team have been volunteering with the branch for more than 20 years.

The group say they “couldn’t achieve any of what they do without their loyal team, and without the continued generosity of their supporters from near and far”.