Several children have been banned from Springside's community centre - after one youngster defecated on the floor.

Springside Community Association announced the ban of several individuals today after frequent incidents of gangs of boys targeting the centre.

Volunteers complain of the boys running amok while groups hire out the hall, with volunteers having to chase them out the centre.

Incidents have also included the key safe being vandalised - preventing members being able to enter the building. 

Springside Community Association said: "For some time the centre has been getting targeted by a select number of young boys. Running in and out the centre opening all the fire exit doors 1 boy has even done the toilet on the floor and it wasn’t a pee!

"Twice this week the key safe has been vandalised to the point we cannot enter the building. Kids will be kids but they have been asked repeatedly to stop and will not listen.

"People are paying for these halls to ensure your centre stays open and this seems unfair when they are getting targeted by kids abusing them and their classes.

"People who look after the centre are most often volunteers so don’t get paid a penny to pick up the kids number 2 or chase them from the centre and repeatedly apologise to the paying let’s.

"This has left us with no further choice to ban the kids from the centre and any events that happen within in the centre. Police have also been contacted and so will the school. Letters will be sent out to the parents to ensure they are aware the kids are banned."