Two women are facing trial accused of being part of a gang that attacked staff at an Irvine takeaway.

Nicola Forsyth and Cheryl McMorrow are said to have lost the plot in Sugar n Spice in Lower Vennel.

Forsyth, 37, and McMorrow, 20, allegedly stormed the Indian takeaway on October 12 last year.

Court papers allege that while acting with others whose identities are meantime unknown did behave in a threatening or abusive manner which was likely to cause a reasonable person fear and alarm.

It's claimed they turned up at the eatery, looked in the window, entered the restaurant, shouted and made threatening remarks towards Abigail Mackie, an employee, punch and kick fixtures and fittings, throw a chair about and pull a door off its hinges.

They also both face a second charge of assaulting Miss Mackie by grabbing hold of her hair, pulling her hair, repeatedly pushing and pulling her, raining punches and kicks on her head and body and knocking her to the ground leaving her injured.

Forsyth alone faces a charge of assaulting her former partner Bhupinder Singh, who is also a member of staff at the restaurant, by grabbing his clothing, raining punches on his head and scratching him on the body.

And it's claimed that Forsyth's alleged offences were aggravated by involving abuse of her ex-partner, as per Section 1 of the Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm Act 2010.

The case against the pair, who both live in Glasgow, called at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week for a pre-trial hearing.

Sheriff Michael Hanlon continued the case until later this month for the trial to take place.