An appeal has been posted on social media after thieves stole camera equipment used to track missing dogs. 

Camera equipment bolonging to a charity that tries to track missing dogs was stolen just after 8pm last night (Sunday) after four youngsters stumbled upon the equipment outside Irvine, near Drybridge and Dundonald.

Canine Capture volunteer Liz Milligan said: "We work with other charities and have cameras that belong to the lost dog trapping team. There was a sighting of Diesel last week so we went out and put the cameras up, but we don't tell anyone we're doing it, and we put them out the way so the public won't walk by them.

"Last night at about 8pm I got a motion sensor to say that someone or something was walking by and it was four either late teenagers or they were in their early 20s who have seen it and then stolen it. They have got torches so I'm guessing it must have caught the infa-red.

"It's actually heartbreaking because it takes so long to raise money for equipment and now all that happens is if we get a sighting in that area we can't have cameras out, because people would know roughly what area and go out looking for them it's dreadful.

"We are just a team of volunteers who don't get paid and have to raise money to buy this equipment."

Police Scotland spokesperson said: "At 8am on Monday, February 10 2020, police received reports that some camera equipment, installed to assist in tracing a missing dog had been removed from woods near to the GSK factory in Shewalton.

"This is currently being treated as a theft and enquiries are ongoing to trace those responsible. Police ask that anyone who has any information make contact with Irvine Police Office on 101 quoting incident 0551 of 10/02."

Anyone with information can contact police on 101 or get in touch with the group here.