A DISABLED Irvine pensioner fears she’ll remain a prisoner in her own home after being left trapped for several months.

Sally Clarke, 73, complained after being unable to independently get out the house since September, with a set of steps outside her front door preventing her getting out since suffering a stroke.

Sally told the Times slabbing was placed out her back door to help her get outside that way, however this was then removed by a ‘safety officer’ late last year.

Neither the council nor property owners Irvine Housing Association owned up to removing any slabs – but NAC say they are discussing a suitable solution after Sally got in touch with her councillor.

Sally Clarke said: “I feel utterly depressed because I can’t get out. How would you feel if you’d been stuck in from September to February?

“I’ve got the ramp outside the front door but once I’m at the bottom of that ramp there is nowhere else for me to go. There are two lots of steps going up to the car park – it’s not very handy.

“After I had my stroke they were trying to get me out the back door for getting taxis – I was at that point walking about outside with my two crutches but only on the slabs.

“I had slabs outside my back gate, but a man came and said who authorised this? I said North Ayrshire and he said we’ll I’m the safety officer I didn’t authorise this, because it’s going onto a bus route.

“Cllr John Easdale has been very good, he came up here at the beginning saying this is not ideal Sally, you can’t get out the house. The proposal was to make a pick up point for disabled people at a bit at the end of these houses, but according to the council that is not suitable because it’s on a bend.

“So it’s down to roads at the present moment, and as far as I can make out they don’t have money.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of Mrs Clarke’s situation and are currently discussing a suitable solution.”

Irvine Housing Association said the access issues relate to land outside the property and wasn’t involved in the removal of concrete slabs.