A kind-hearted snack van boss raised more than £560 for an Ayrshire bereavement charity by recording a CD of him singing Scottish classics.

Chuck Wagon boss Andy McKeen has been raising funds in recent months with the release of his first album, A Wee Taste O’ Andy, featuring 22 traditional Scottish songs.

Andy did this for the No One Dies Alone charity which he volunteers for in tribute to his late mum – who he used to sing to when she was suffering with dementia.

And between downloads, CD sales and a collection bucket at the Chuck Wagon Andy raised an amazing £560.10.

He said: “It’s absolutely great. Friends, family and customers have been very supportive and generous.

“My mum had dementia for 12 years and I was singing away to her all that time and 90 per cent of our communication in the end was through music. It inspired me to go into nursing homes to perform.

“I was looking for someone to make up backing tracks and I just happened to be lucky enough to meet a guy called Clark Sorley who had worked with a lot of the big names like Andy Stewart and Kenneth McKellar.

“He said he could make up backing tracks and also record me if he wanted and before you knew it I had a few songs under my belt.

“I had discovered the charity No One Dies Alone and thought it would be good to make a CD and sell anything I made towards the charity. I’m a volunteer with them and they’re pan-Ayrshire. They will go and sit with anyone who is in their final hours who has no one to offer respite. They are looking to recruit volunteers, offer training and want people to know that service is there.”

For more information on No One Dies Alone or to get involved with the charity visit www.facebook.com/nodaayrshire/