Homeowners in the Montgomerie Park area of Irvine are being asked to select their new factor.

Letters have been issued to local residents, informing them of the proposals for a new factor and landscape maintenance contractor.

Since the previous factors withdrew their services, the council has carried out some works as part of a commitment to spend the limited budget available for the maintenance of Montgomerie Park. This was an interim measure with a reduced maintenance regime until the appointment of a new factor and landscape maintenance contractor by residents.

NAC has sought quotes for a replacement factor and maintenance services. As a result, Donald Ross Ltd, has given a commitment to carry out the full maintenance schedule work, as specified in the Deed of Conditions.

The appointment of Donald Ross Ltd requires to be agreed by the majority of homeowners and by the council, who is also an owner under the terms of the Deed of Conditions.

Residents will receive a letter this week explaining how they can vote for the appointment of a new factor. Additional supporting information will also be available online.

If the vote is successful, the council will advise Donald Ross Ltd and they will be appointed under the terms of the Deed of Condition.

An unsuccessful vote would see the continuation of the current reduced maintenance that has been in place since June 2019, supported by a council budget allocation of £20,000 that covers only specific areas.