A FORMER Irvine boxer is hosting an event where fighters can throw a punch at Huntington’s disease.

The charity fight night is being organised by Alec Mullen Jnr, whose dad owns Irvine Vineburgh Boxing Club and is set to raise thousands towards beating the disease.

Alec has arranged a fight night at Kilmarnock’s Park Hotel this Summer and the event is already sold out.

The event is being arranged in aid of Alec’s brother in law Darren Clark who tragically lost his mum to Huntington’s 18 months ago.

Alec was inspired to get something arranged to help out Darren’s current fundraising efforts.

He told the Times: “My brother-in-law’s mum passed away just over 18 months ago, he’s been doing quite a lot of charity events trying to spread awareness. Boxing is my thing, so I just thought I’d arrange something to help.

“There’s a 50/50 chance if you’ll have Huntington’s disease, its hereditary. I’ve just seen everything he’s been through with losing his mum and that spurred me on.”

Alec was initially going to hold the big fight night in the Volunteer Rooms, but the demand for tickets meant another larger venue was required.

The Park Hotel in Kilmarnock was scooped, with 520 set to attend to watch a card of 11 fights, including an encore involving a former pro.

Alec told how he has been inundated with first time fighters wanting to step into the ring for the good cause.

He said: “We made up about five or six fights and I was getting more people messaging in who were wanting to fight on it.

“I’ve got a couple of ex boxers fighting, a lot of the boys, they’ve no ever had fights before.

“If you’re not an amateur or professional, its white-collar boxing anyone can do it, its just for fun.

“It’s going to a big night, there’s going to be 520 there, I’ve got 22 fighters so all the tickets are away. The fighters, Darren and all my friends and family are going.

“The main event is my cousin John Mullen who is fighting an ex-pro Ryan Collins, my cousin used to be an amateur, he boxed years ago, he was tipped to be next best thing, he’s always keen to do an event like this. Ryan Collins has not boxed for a couple of years. He was under my dad for years. He’s not renewed his licence. They are the main event.”

As well as the fight, Alec has set his sights on raising extra cash through a raffle and he is reaching out to Rangers and Celtic to see if any items may be up for grabs for punters to bid on.

“Darren is going to email the likes of Rangers and Celtic to get stuff, I’m going to try and get signed gloves as well. I’m hoping to raise about £4,000.

“On the night people can buy raffle tickets, that will all go towards charity.”