Controversial comedian Frankie Boyle claimed Irvine was 'wild' when he spoke about the town on his new BBC2 show.

He also joked that the annual Greasy Pole at Marymass was how the town "decided who becomes Mayor" after reminiscing on previous visits on Frankie Boyle's Tour of Scotland on Friday night.

The top comic previously told how a gig in the Harbour Arts Centre had been his most brutal stand up experience in autobiography My S*** Life So Far.

Speaking to funfair veteran Albert Codona in Troon before a show at Ayr's Gaiety, Frankie Boyle said: "You are off to Irvine tomorrow Albert? 

Albert Codona said: "Some of the boys are, they're off to Irvine to the Marymass - it's a very traditional fair.

He replied: "Irvine can be quite wild from what I remember in comedy man.

"Didn't only until a few year's ago people be able to drink at the shows, about 10 years ago?

Albert added: "The Saturday night, go until 10pm at night wild, two or three punch ups here and there.

Irvine Times:

"The greasy pole that would be another thing they would be doing at Irvine.

"They had to climb the greasy pole and its kind of traditional again, you get the strong man, the guy that can climb the greasy pole, he's the champion

Frankie Boyle added: "It's good to see Irvine has got a system for deciding who becomes Mayor."

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