AN IRVINE bride whose mum died suddenly before her big day is offering to give away her wedding dress to raise funds for charity.

Kay Prince hopes to raise funds for Irvine and Troon Cancer Care after her mum and its vice-chair Katie Bowman passed away on December 7.

Kaye, 50, was left in shock after her mum died as she was getting ready to tie the knot on February 15.

And she decided to raise funds by trading the size 16 dress for a donation in her mum’s name to the charity she gave her time to.

Kaye Prince said: “It has not been easy when I was getting married, but we made the decision that it’s what she would have wanted.

“She died suddenly in her sleep, she just passed away.

“They put it down to a heart attack because of high blood pressure but otherwise she was fit and healthy, so it was really sudden and tragic.

“I was totally in shock. For my mum it was probably the best way to go but for family left behind we were not expecting it so it’s been really hard.

“She was very young, very vibrant and just liked to help people – I say she was young she was 73 but she didn’t look it.”

Kay put out an appeal on social media last week offering the dress in exchange for a donation to the charity in the name of her late mum.

Kaye added: “She always wanted to help people so she put a lot of work into the cancer care and did a lot of fundraising as well.

“We raised about £2,000 for Irvine and Troon Cancer care just with donations, there was about 1,000 people.

“It’s been quite a big response, no one has come up with a firm offer yet, but it’s been getting a lot of shares. There have been a few folk saying they’re interested but nothing firm.

“It’s not really about the money, it’s supporting the charity and getting someone to get the happiness I got out it. What else would I be doing with it other than putting it in a case up the loft. I just think someone should get the wear out of it.”