A POSTMISTRESS who claimed she was tied up and threatened with a knife after allegedly embezzling a five-figure sum has had her case dropped.

Kumaljit Kaur, 47, was accused of wasting police time through false claims and embezzling cash while postmaster of Ardrossan’s Lifestyle Express Post Office, Glasgow Street with a hearing scheduled at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Monday.

Ms Kaur, of Dreghorn, was alleged to have made false claims of being tied to a chair by an unknown male who struck her on the neck with a knife before stealing money from the safe.

Court papers alleged Kaur knew the claim to be false with police time wasted on the investigation.

A second charge alleged she embezzled £92,176. However the Crown have since confirmed both charges have been dropped.

A Crown Office spokesperson said: “The Procurator Fiscal received a report relating to a 44-year old female and an incident said to have occurred between January 1, 2016 and January 14, 2017.

“After careful consideration of the facts, including the available admissible evidence, the Procurator Fiscal decided that there should be no proceedings taken at this time. The Crown reserves the right to proceed in the future should further evidence become available.”