CONCERNED Irvine Meadow chairman Robert Jeffrey is calling on Scottish Junior Football’s governing body to help support clubs in the biggest challenge of our times.

He spoke after the coronavirus crisis shut down the game indefinitely on Friday.

Juniors, along with seniors, amateurs, youths and school football were called off at the weekend and there is no word as to when it will return.

Jeffrey said: “We have no games and no training. There is no income into the club from games and we still have to run the club and maintain the facilities.

“I don’t recall anything like this ever happening before. A lot of the smaller clubs are really going to struggle. But I understand the decision as the safety of the fans is the most important thing.”

Meanwhile Kilwinning Rangers have come up with a strategy to deal with the problems

Chairman Colin Boyd said: “We spoke last night and have come up with a financial plan to deal with this issue. That’s all I can say.”

On the coronavirus issue he said: “The safety of our spectators is paramount.”

Meanwhile Buffs are set to desert Junior Football. They have applied to join the proposed new West of Scotland League.

They said in a statement: “Today we submitted our application to the new West Of Scotland Football League which is looking to start next season.”

Irvine Meadow shareholders will vote on joining the West of Scotland League on Sunday.