A young man entered the Day-Today Supermarket around 6pm yesterday evening and when confronted about his demeanor, proceeded to assault staff and onlookers.

Staff at the store on Lower Vennel, Bourtree South, said that: “He was completely out of it and was looking for some juice, our staff asked him if he’d had too much to drink.”

It is believed that this set him off and led to a scuffle between him and the female staff members working that night.

Customers were also in the shop, two of whom had just finished a shift at Boots next door.

When they tried to intervene, the man pushed them causing one of them to collide with a trolley and take a tumble, damaging her arm and head.

At this the man left the shop and staff called the emergency services.

An ambulance arrived and the injured woman was taken to hospital as a precaution, though she is said to be fine now and reported for work this morning. 

The perpetrator is said to be about 19-years-old and it has been reported that he had lost his job earlier that day.

Staff at the Day-Today, who shut the shop early as a result of the incident were keen to express their sympathy towards the individual concerned, saying that everyone’s going through difficult times at the moment and that “there’s high tensions everywhere.”

The shop is proud of its customers who intervened to help staff and says that: “we’ve got really good customers here, we’ve been here nearly three years and nothing like this has happened before. It’s really unfortunate that this has happened now with everything that’s going on.

“I feel sorry for the guy I don’t know if he’s got kids or bills to pay or whatever, everyone’s going through difficult times and we’re just trying to do good by the community.”

The man is said to have been attempting to contact those he assaulted to offer his apologies.

The police have been made aware of the incident and are analysing CCTV footage as the inquiry continues. They were contacted for an update but at the time of publishing had yet to comment.