A man has denied attacking nurses in Woodland View and challenging one to a fight.

Thomas Raymond Fernie, 32, is alleged to have “culpably and recklessly” kicked open a door causing it to strike a nursing assistant to his injury back on June 14 2018 at the Irvine hospital.

On the same date, Fernie, whose address was listed as Ward 6 Woodland View on the charge sheet, is alleged to have assaulted the same nursing assistant by punching him on the head to his injury.

He faces a fourth charge of attacking another Woodland View nursing assistant by seizing them by the neck and compressing it to his injury.

He was also accused of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting and swearing, uttering threats of violence towards staff and challenging the nursing assistant he grabbed by the throat to a fight.

Fernie denies the charges and will return to court at a later date.