IRVINE saluted our amazing NHS last night.

Across the town and surrounding areas residents stood outside their homes to applaud the heroic staff on the frontline of coronavirus.

The recognition to the keyworkers who are battling cases of COVID-19, was a UK-wide show of support.

At 8pm thousands across North Ayrshire clapped and made some noise for the NHS.

Times readers told how proud they were as their street paid tribute to the incredible health service and the selfless workers.

Chelsea McCandless sent in a video of neighbours in Clark Drive clapping, with some rattling a pot in a lovely display to workers, some of whom live on the street.

Claire Carswell said: “People in Hunter Drive were out clapping and cheering everyone in the NHS and keyworkers and shopkeepers everywhere, it was amazing to see.

“We would like to say a big thankyou to everyone risking their own life’s for others.”

Alan Moran shared a video taken from the High Flats as you could hear clapping across Irvine.

Well done to everyone who took part to say thanks to our amazing NHS.