A well-known Irvine man has died after a suspected coronavirus infection.

Tributes have been shared widely on social media after popular plumber and father-of-two John Barry passed away this week. 

John, who grew up on Frew Terrace and was a proud SNP and Kilmarnock FC supporter, died aged 56 on Wednesday this week.

Grieving sister Louise Storrie told the Times that while the family were unable to get John officially tested, doctors blamed his death on COVID-19. 

She said: "They have put in his death certificate today it was suspected COVID-19.

"They came to the desicion that he probably did have the virus but due to circumstances they're not going to test him, they're just going to assume that's what he had. There's nothing we can do about it, they're just suspecting that's what it is.

"I spoke to one of his frends who spoke to him on Monday morning, and he was phoning the doctor because he had not been feeling well - and he has had some health issues - and said he just felt absolutely rotton.

"He was a very well-known man, not just in Irvine but Kilmarnock and lots of other places. He was one of those guys he would go into the pub and not know a soul and come out with a hundred pals.

"He had been very involved in the SNP movement the last few years, and was very friendly with Nicola Sturgeon, and obviously went to the same school. They've got a twitter post for him on All Under One Banner. He loved independence, not just for Scotland but for himself, he was always a free spirit.

"It's been phenomenal the amount of support we've had, literally yesterday I had my phone in my hand from 8am to 10.30pm last night. It's been overwhelming."

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