Most days, Irvine mall is a busy destination with weekly shoppers and people passing through for a nosey during the day.

But now, with everyone being told to stay close to home, the Mall is ominously empty. 

Almost all of the shops in the Rivergate Mall have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and no one is sure as to when they will be re-opening. 

Irvine Times: Irvine, Friday, Rivergate Mall.Irvine, Friday, Rivergate Mall.

Although most retail stores have closed their doors and many people are being asked to work from home, supermarkets remain open, allowing people to go and pick up the essentials. 

People were seen queueing outisde of Asda, Irvine waiting for their turn to shop whilst carrying out the social distancing rule. 

Irvine Times: Irvine, Friday, Asda que.Irvine, Friday, Asda que.

The shopping centre was photoraphed at the weekend with only a few people spotted and most locals avoiding the mall.

Irvine Times: Irvine, Friday,Rivergate MallIrvine, Friday,Rivergate Mall

Eglinton kids play park in Kilwinning is closed with no children allowed to enter, protecting their own health and safety during this time.

Irvine Times: Eglinton park, kids play park closedEglinton park, kids play park closed

Rivergate mall photographed on a Friday afternoon during lockdown.

Irvine Times: Irvine, Rivergate MallIrvine, Rivergate Mall