An Irvine man who is self-isolating avoided a court appearance after assaulting his former partner.

David Higgins, 50, was ordered to pay £500 in his absence after he previously admitted assaulting and injuring the woman on November 7 last year.

The Broomlands Drive resident pled guilty to assaulting his former partner when he seized her by the hair to her injury at address in Gailes Gardens, Irvine.

When he was due back in court for sentencing last week [Monday, March 23], his defence solicitor told court he was currently self-isolating amid the coronavirus outbreak on advice as he is 50 andcurrently off his work.

The court heard Higgins had saved up £400 to pay any fines for the offence, before the sheriff ordered him to pay a £200 a fine and £300 compensation to the victim.